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PAST EVENT: Celebrate!

The Compelling Case for Carnival Learning

Portsmouth Guildhall. April 29 & 30 2016

presented by Carnival Network South in association with Artswork











Carnival Network South is delighted to be offering a regional two-day conference focusing on the successes and positive impacts of carnival related learning activity.


Carnival and the celebratory arts are hugely positive events for communities and participants. As an educational tool carnival arts offer a pathway to further learning, increase awaremness and experience of diversity and boost the confidence of participants opening doors to further study and employment opportunites.


With it's focus firmly on young people and life long learners "Celebrate!" is bringing together teachers, youth workers, carnival creators, participants and policy makers. Together we will explore and explain how Carnival can work to the benefit of you, your students, your organisation and your community.


How can carnival learning support the needs of those working in Public Health, Restorative Justice or Health and Wellbeing?


How can carnival activities help housing associations address community cohesion, diversity awareness and pride of place?


Over two busy days at Portsmouth Guildhall "Celebrate!" will ask questions, provide answers and demonstrate best practise examples of both formal and informal learning in school and community settings. "Celebrate!" will host dialogue, discussion and debate with workshops, presentations, conference sessions and evening entertainment.


"Celebrate!" goes beyond being a carnival conference for just the carnival sector - it will be an opportunity to explore the wider context of creative carnival learning opportunites. By bringing a diverse range of dedicated delegates together "Celebrate!" aims to have a wider impact on learning providers as well as those who can influence activity and policy across a spectrum of education providers and community development organisations.


We'll also be taking to the streets filling Guildhall Square on Saturday afternoon with a youth carnival showcase and a big screen showcasing carnival highlights from across the region.




Carnival Network South

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